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About Lovey

Hi everyone, my name is Lovey.

Who am I?

I am a Carebear with skills akin to Cupid – which explains for the 2 big hearts on my tummy. But to be honest, have been bit lazy with these skills since living in Singapore from 2003 with my owner Y. Now i indulge in lots of travelling and eating, which are my 2 favourite passions. All I can say is I am so glad I met Y and her husband R, I couldn’t wish for a better life :)

Since I became “adopted” by them, Y especially wanted to give me a more personal name and so she decided to call me Lovey (pronounced more like “Ler-fey”).

  1. And when I googled “LOVEY”, Urban Dictionary explains Lovey as the following which I think sums it up pretty well:
    A person that means everything to you and that you would do anything for.
  2. Someone you care for deeply. A partner who’s a constant thing in your life.
  3. Lover, like bestfriends.

So that’s the story about my name.

My mantra is to LIVE TO EAT AND TRAVEL :) And through loveyloi.com, I hope to share all the wonderful food and travel experiences I have with you.

From Your One & Only Love-A-Lot Bear

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