A Holiday guide to Cornwall

Fun girlie holiday begins (2 - 4 April 2014)

MC and us decided to do a midweek short holiday to Cornwall from London when looking at options around. It’s known to be a very popular choice of destination for local Brits who often go there for a seaside holiday or a summer vacation. Located in the most south west part of Great Britain, it’s almost completely surrounded by the sea with magnificent coast lines. I dreamt of blue skies, long beautiful beaches plus Devon Cream tea, and that’s the reason why we went. Their tagline we saw at the Newquay airport is “Cornwall – where the sun meets the sea” and they were not kidding, just look at the picture below.

Morning view of the coastline behind Trevalsa Court Hotel.

Cornwall is a really large place. To give you an idea – the distance from east to west is easily 48 miles or more, which also explains why it is impossible to talk about Cornwall in one post. It’s important to plan your route each day, which thank goodness we did on Google Maps, given the driving time. Poor Y was the only driver, while MC was the trusted navigator and me just passenger.



After taking the flight from London Gatwick to Newquay airport, we arrived in the late morning. We had booked in advance from Cornwall Car Hire, and they are super efficient, the representative was already waiting for us at the counter when we exited the departure hall. After checking the cute hybrid car that we rented, we were off to go to the bed and breakdfast that I had booked – Trevalsa Court Hotel in Megavissy, a very small town but had beautiful homes in that area. Of course I booked the Premium Luxury Room which was a really large spacious room with a living area and overlooked the beautiful coastline.



Settling in nicely in the room. The pink accents definitely agrees with me.



We ran to the window and excitedly snapped shots of the view. Gorgeous!


We were served breakfast every morning and pity we did not have much time to spend in their living room which looked so nice and comfy. We really enjoyed our stay in Trevalsa Court Hotel.





Lovely flowers in the back garden.

Few ways to get to Cornwall:

1. Fly: Get on Flybe flight to from London Gatwick to Cornwall. It only takes an hour. This my recommended option for people that hate long travel.

2. Drive: If you have a group of drivers, it’s good to rent a car and drive from London to Cornwall, and stop by at some towns on the way. Can be an interesting and fun road trip. It takes around 5 hours to drive to Cornwall from London.

3. Train: There’s also trains that run between London and Cornwall including the sleeper train that leaves from London Paddington station to Penzance, the south part of Cornwall. Journey takes around 6 hours.

My holiday guide to Cornwall continues – look out for next few posts coming up soon!

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