Happy New Year and a Teddy Bear Bonanza!

Teddy Bear Lohas Carnival in Taichung - 30 Nov 2013

Hello to my readers, I have taken a long break of 2 months since my last post on Taiwan, and it’s great to be back on my blog writing, and most importantly writing my first post in 2014 on my new blog look. Let me know what you think? It’s taken longer than my usual efficiency as it takes a while to migrate to the new blog, but won’t bore you with all these tech-y stuff! And oh yes, before I start banging my paws away, I wanna wish everyone a Happy New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai (which means happiness & prosperitiy)! Hope the Horse year’s turning out great for everyone.

Lovey CNY 2014
On the eve of CNY preparing red packets to give to the young ones.

I think everyone’s always keen to know if the new year be a good year for them, it made me wonder why in the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, there’s no BEAR (熊) year. I mean seriously right? Teddy Bears are such happy, bouncy creatures, although it’s a pity we are always associated negatively with the stock market. On this note, I thought it appropriate to do my own little tribute to my favourite fellow furry friends by showcasing the Teddy Bear Lohas Carnival in Taichung when I was there in November last year. It was a huge bonanza that really made my day! There was a lot of creative input from various international artists and brands who took part in this special project – featuring a 100 bears of height 173 cm and made out of fiberglass. It was a pity I only managed to see a fraction of the bears on display. From strong graphical prints to whimsical angels and gentlemen, you name it they had it. Of course, I had to take pictures with them.

IMG_2098 - Version 2


IMG_2225New fashion trend? Bears in suspenders.

So handsome, the gentlemen, don’t they look spiffy?

And ending with my all time favourite bear of the whole exhibition – a take on classic Ronald McDonald!

Last but not least, on the note of Bears being included in the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, here’s my own version of what their traits would read as.. what do you think?

Look out for my next post on my recent December trip to beautiful Val D’isere for skiing!

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