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Meet Lovey Loi


So you are wondering, who is this pink bear that’s appearing all over this site?

Well, I am a pink Love-A-Lot Care Bear going by the name of Lovey Loi. I was born in USA back in 2002 but was brought over to Singapore and after sitting for some months (I lost track) in the shelf of a toy shop in Far East Plaza, I was finally discovered by my now current owner Y and let’s say the rest is history!

With my owner Y enjoying the views of Sydney in March 2016.

When and how did I get into writing my own travel blog?

Well, after travelling for years with Y, late in 2012, I decided to start this travel blog to journal where I went and hopefully be a good starting point for many of my friends to refer to for tips and ideas. I figured since I am always emailing or messaging them on travel tips, it just makes sense to put it all in one location for their easy reference! And plus, I gotta say, though I have a big head, my brain does get a tad forgetful these days, and I do hope that even when I am a worn out old bear many years later, I can look back at these memories and just smile that I have been to all these amazing places!

Jumping for joy in Hakuba, late Dec 2016. 

What’s my loves when it comes to travelling? 

I gotta say my favourite country is definitely Japan, ranging from yummy Jap food to interesting ryokan stays which explains for the strong focus on Japan in my blog. And definitely at least twice yearly ski trips, since I love the snow so much, which you will see in my Ski section of the blog! And Y and I have a motto to also visit a new country or city every year if possible, and we were lucky to have visited Iceland and Tromso to catch the Northern Lights in 2016, and to Lima and Bolivia in 2017, where I showcase the must visit sights.

One of my most favourite places of travel are to ski resorts – and chic ones with great apres ski! At Courchevel in 2017.

Lounging around in the oh so luxe Onyado Chikurintei Ryokan in Saga Prefecture in 2016.

Surrounded by lava and stones at Godafoss, in Akureyri, Iceland. 

How do I travel? 

Well, if you are wondering, I don’t need a passport but I get to go up the plane every trip with Y, she refuses to check me in LOL. Business class is definitely preferred but oh well, we do travel budget sometimes, and when that happens, let’s just say that it’s bit of a squeeze in economy, but we manage like everyone else!

Travelling on Business class of Singapore Airlines 777-300ER – love the brand new look! 

So what’s in my name?

If you haven’t figured it out yet even though it’s a tad obvious, my Care Bear power is akin to Cupid, which explains for the 2 big hearts on my tummy. So when Y met me and I became her “pet bear”, Y especially wanted to give me a more personal name and so she decided to call me Lovey (pronounced more like “Ler-fey”).

Need to get the tummy round and happy! 

Am I the only bear in the hood? 

Well, not to sound conceited, I do think I am definitely Y’s favourite bear since I get to travel with her everywhere, but she is a huge collector of bears and I do have a happy Care Bear family that I hang out with a lot when I am back in Singapore.

With my Jumbo Care Bear family at Y’s home.

What’s my ace strength?

I am definitely an extremely OCD bear when it comes to travelling, I have excel sheets of itineraries, google maps, research done way ahead on various sites and travel guides before heading out for a trip. If you are stuck and wanna find out more on a certain city, just email me at askloveyloi@gmail.com and I be happy to help share some tips!