Okahan Ginza Matsusaka Sukiyaki

One of the best Matsusaka sukiyaki in Tokyo (25 Dec 2015)

Every time I am in Japan, Y and I must have at least one sukiyaki meal, it’s like a food ritual that we must have otherwise we will be cranky. Typically I always head to Imahan as it has so many locations and is pretty dependable, but I decided to do some research and try something new this time around. I read about Okahan Ginza known for their Matsusaka beef and after seeing many pretty decent reviews online, I decided to give it a shot for our entire group of 10 adults and a baby for lunch on Christmas Day.

Matsusaka beef is one of the 3 revered beef ‘brands’ from Japan other than Kobe and Omi beef. It’s well known for it’s soft texture and wonderful marbling and balanced fat ratio, which explains its rather high prices.

Centrally located in Ginza, it’s a great location to stop by for lunch while you are shopping away in any of the luxe boutiques and amazing department stores in this area. After we arrived at the restaurant, we were ushered into a private dining room, with a long table all set out waiting for us.

Private dining room for our large group.

We wasted no time in ordering, and all of us went for the 17,280 yen sukiyaki menu, plus greedy us also decided to order some of the Chateaubriand steak to share. The meal here doesn’t come cheap and it’s easy to spend a minimum of S$250 a head if you order what we did. The cheapest set will set you at 12,900 yen.

Yes, we had to indulge and go for the pricier one! 

Our set came with 2 appetisers, and swiftly came the steak, which was perfectly pan seared and came with some interesting spices and mustard on the side.

Appetizer served!

Our 2nd appetiser. 

This delicious Matsusaka steak was just enough to whet my appetite for the sukiyaki! The slices of Matsusaka beef displayed on the plate was a glorious pinky red and had a wonderful even marbling, not too fatty and not too lean.

Delicious Chateaubriand steak with condiments on the side.

The steak disappeared very quickly and we were ready to embark on our sukiyaki! Two ladies came in to attend to our large group and helped us to cook the sukiyaki beef in classic Japanese tradition. Typically, they cook the beef first with Japanese leek and it’s dipped in raw egg and served to each of us. After everyone’s had at least a round of beef, they cook the other mixed vegetables. Some other restaurants like Imahan cooks the egg in leftover sukiyaki sauce from the pan and it’s tossed over rice after the beef is finished, but this wasn’t done at Okahan. I must remember to ask them if they can do this the next time I am there as it is so good.

Glorious Matsusaka Beef!

Lady preparing the sukiyaki pan.

Gorgeous beef, tofu and vegetables sizzling away.

Devouring the beef dipped in raw egg.

The wonderful thing about this restaurant is that it also can do seafood options if there’s meat lovers like you who may be travelling with friends or family who doesn’t eat beef, as Okahan has a teppanyaki restaurant as well, and can whip up other options. Just remember to tell them in advance when making a reservation.


Okahan Ginza

7th and 8th Floor Ginza Kanetanaka Building, 7-6-16 Ginza, Chuo Ward, Tokyo

〒104-0061 Tokyo, Chuo, Ginza, 7−6−16, 銀座金田中ビル7・8F

Tel:+81 3-3571-1417

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