Strolling in winter in Paris

and Stay at my favourite Castille Hotel (Dec 2013)

Taking a day out to just soak in the city of lights and sights during winter in Paris can be really gorgeous as long as it doesn’t rain. It was a rather wet season this time when I was back in Paris (yes my 2nd time in 2013!) after my ski trip to Val D’Isere. One of my favourite songs I love listening to when walking around on my own in Paris has to be Eartha Kitt’s C’est Si Bon, love her voice!

Shopping in Paris during December is always great as on Sundays many boutiques including the large department stores are open for people to do last minute shopping, which was a god sent as I had to make a visit to Galeries Lafayette to help do last minute shopping for my dearest relatives.


The crowds can be chaotic but I was smart to visit it in the morning with R & Y and we had time to enjoy the wonderful Christmas installations that they are so known for. This year, the 12 animated windows tells a story about the doll Lilly and the bear Martin who received a mysterious invitation, how wonderful a bear is the ‘lead actor’ in their display!

Paris is such a charming city with beautiful age old architecture and museums, it’s simply a pity to just spend all the time in shops, which is why I wanted to soak in the sights this time, and thank goodness the weather was on my side most of the time till I went to the Louvre Museum, more later on that!




From being distracted by the Disney store (Y stopped me), to stopping by Eric Bombard to buy some fantastic quality cashmere sweaters (yes we had to be really disciplined!), we finally managed to make it to see the iconic Arc Du Triomphe and Eiffel Tower just before sunset. There was my favourite old school horse carousel , always a common sight especially around Christmas.




As I was saying earlier, we wanted to spend a weekday morning visiting the Louvre museum but we were struck by such horrid stormy winds and rains, it was impossible to even walk through the grounds, but am glad I managed to take a picture with the very iconic Pyramid before a cab rescued us. That’s when I think getting a raincoat is extremely essential, umbrellas don’t work in such weather, they just get blown off.


My stay in Paris is always made more complete with a stay in Castille Hotel, a cosy luxury boutique hotel, which I have to highly recommend for any one visiting Paris. It’s right next to the iconic Chanel boutique on Rue Cambon, with close access to the many boutiques in that area. I usually pay between 220 – 240 euros when I stay here, and it is a fabulous price for this location.



I hear from my Chanel SA that many of them stay in this hotel too when they visit the HQ in Paris for training, for its convenience and hospitality. The rooms are a good size and comfortable, and is my only choice these 2 years, having stayed here 3 times by far, I have been lucky twice to always get upgraded. My favourite concierge is Mr Mekki Salmi, who has always been kind and patient to help me book the restaurants I request for. They also have a resident cat that you might be lucky to catch sleeping on their sofa.



It is funny how as this post is going up on my blog, I am going to be in Paris in less than 2 weeks with MC and LL. I am so hoping that awful smog in Paris will have blown over by then, but I am so bringing my N95 mask to standby.


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